Make Wine

Making wine has become a fun and rewarding pastime for more and more savvy consumers.

With today’s high-quality products and the availability of a wide variety of wine styles and kit types, there is something to please everyone. Add to this the affordability of making your own wine, and you can see why it makes perfect sense, especially when we are all looking to make the most use of our hard-earned money.

Make award-winning wines and join the growing ranks of satisfied Wine Kitz customers – you’ll be glad you did! All of our products are guaranteed, and we are standing by ready to help with expert advice.

The typical new winemaker goes through several stages:

  1. Total disbelief that 30 bottles of wine can be made so easily and so inexpensively.
  2. Reading the information provided and reluctantly understanding it.
  3. Pondering if 30 bottles of wine is too much wine.
  4. Taking a leap of faith and purchasing a starter equipment kit and a wine kit.
  5. Being highly impressed by the results of the first batch of wine.
  6. Realizing that 30 bottles of wine are not enough wine and purchasing a second wine kit.
  7. Becoming a winemaking enthusiast and trying to persuade friends to follow suit.
  8. Friends finally taking a leap of faith and purchasing a starter equipment kit and a wine kit.
  9. No longer having to give away most of your wine to friends.
  10. Arriving at a house party and realizing that most of the wines being served are consumer-made and not store-bought wines.

Join us! You can find more information about our state-of-the-art winery on our On-Premises page. Please see our Wine Kit Choices page for a full list of wine kit choices, and see the About Us page for a background on Wine Kitz and some of the many reasons to shop and make your wines with us.