What’s New?

In this section you’ll find the latest additions to our product lines.

Pinot Noir_FLat Signature Pinot Noir, Oregon
Aromatic with lively acidity and a smooth finish. Concentrated flavours of red berries, subtle floral notes, and a hint of spice.
Sauv Blanc_NZ_Signature Series76 Signature Sauvignon Blanc, Australia
Sweetness: 0
Alcohol: 13%
Oak: None
Body: Medium
Fresh with bright acidity and medium body. Juicy peach, honeydew melon, kiwi, hints of tropical fruit and subtle herbal notes.
VineCo Red Montepulciano(1) Estate Montepulciano, Italy
Medium- full body, red plum, sour cherry and subtle herbal notes.
IM-Fiesta-Lime-Clear-Bottle-White_Flat-325x1024 • Island Mist Fiesta Lime

Sweetness: 6
Alcohol: 6%
Oak: None
Body: Light

Freshly squeezed lime flavour with lime zest and botanical notes.